What is the Agric-finance product?

Agriculture is a commodity investment, which pools funds for the primary purpose of investing in income-generating agricultural practices to increase crop yields or assist in building storage and processing capacity to broaden local  value.

What are the available crops in the investment?

Agric-finance products like Soybeans (16%), Sorghum(15%)  and Maize (18%) are listed with competitive returns. Note that these crops are subject to availability.

How does it work?

You invest in any of the available crops and at the end of the farm cycle stipulated, you will receive a percentage of the profit after the sales of harvest as well as your initial capital.

Why should I invest in agricultural commodities?

Agricultural commodities may be appealing as an investment for many reasons. These assets can serve as an effective hedge against inflation, since food prices are often among the first to rise when prices begin to climb. Agricultural commodities can also perform well when global populations are growing, or when a growing middle class leads to increased demand.

How do I buy?

  • Log in to wealth.ng
  • ·Go to the Agriculture Investment tab and select any crop of choice (this is subject to availability and minimum requirement is N50,000 per unit)
  • Select the number of unit(s) required
  • Pay for the crop
  • At the end of the farm cycle stipulated, you will receive a percentage of the profit after the sales of harvest as well as your initial capital.


What is the minimum number of Farms I can sponsor and what is the maximum amount?


The minimum number of crops you can buy is N50,000 per unit and you can buy as many crops as you so choose but this is subject to the crop availability.

If you would love to fund more farms, simply increase the number of units and the amount would increase equally.

What is the tenure for the Agric product?


Depending on the crop you select, the cycle can run from 5 months to 12 months.

Can I have multiple investments of the Agric-Finance product?


You can have as many investments as you want. The minimum number of crops you can buy is N50,000 per unit.

How do I get paid when my farm cycle ends?


The initial capital and return will be paid into your cash wallet, you can then withdraw directly into your bank account.

Can I terminate my investment and liquidate before maturity?


Each of our farms have a fixed farm cycle period. This is determined by the gestation period required for each farm to go from beginning to the harvest stage. As it is virtually impossible to willfully interrupt the growth life cycle of any crop or livestock before maturity, we will not be able to 'terminate' the farm cycle of any given farm.

Can I recycle my Investment?


At the end of the stipulated farm cycle, once you have received your principal & returns after harvest, the decision to re-invest in another farm or otherwise, is entirely the investor’s decision.

What happens if the farm I sponsored is badly run or if the harvest is lost?


Wealth.ng has a team of Agric professionals and technical partners whose primary responsibility is to ensure that our farms follow standard farm management practices whilst employing the most modern farming techniques, improved seedlings and modern farm equipment; to ensure that we have the best farm yields.

We however are not ignorant of the peculiarity of the sector in which we operate, therefore we have taken adequate measures by insuring all our farm projects to mitigate against any unforeseen risks that could lead to loss of the investors capital. We have partnered with Afex Nigeria and NIRSAL.

What is Afex Nigeria?

AFEX Nigeria enable the transition from production to transaction for agriculture commodities. They provide solutions to farmers challenges in aggregation, storage and financial inclusion. AFEX Nigeria generates agri-finance data, intelligence, and deal flow to increase private sector investment in commodities. Afex seeks to maximize the value that farmers and market participants derive from their activities.

What is NIRSAL?

The Nigeria Incentive-Based Risk-Sharing System for Agricultural Lending (NIRSAL) – a new innovative mechanism targeted at de-risking lending to the agricultural sector, is designed to provide the singular transformational and one bullet solution to break the seeming jinx in Nigeria’s agricultural lending and development. 

NIRSAL is an approach that tackles both the agricultural value chains and the agricultural financing value chain. The goal of NIRSAL is to trigger an agricultural industrialization process through increased production and processing of the greater part of what is produced to boost economic earnings across the value chain.

What does my insurance cover?


Wealth.ng has insurance cover for all existing farm projects, so that in the event of unforeseen circumstances, the investors capital can be refunded.  We have a Nirsal CRG (Credit risk Guarantee) that covers up to 100%

Is this fund safe?


The Fund is categorized as medium risk and is therefore most appropriate as part of a diversified portfolio for all investor classes with a short to mid tenor investment horizon.

Why invest in the Agric Product?


Potential benefits of this fund include;

  • Diversification:
  • Commodities can lower the overall volatility in a portfolio.
  • Commodities are "non-correlated" to equities and fixed income.
  • Flight to Safety:
  • Many investors turn commodities during times of global economic uncertainty.
  • Inflation Hedge:
  • Commodities maintain intrinsic value, making them a good hedge against the deteriorating value of currencies.
  • Returns: Enhancing risk-adjusted returns in economic cycles

Under what asset class is this product categorized?

The agriculture product is categorized as a commodity

Where are the farms located?

All over Nigeria.... we partnered with AFEX because they have many farms (and about 100,000 farmers) in their network