How do I make money on

You start making money on once you invest in any of the available products on the platform. You have the option to choose between treasury bills, stocks, wealth cash and agriculture products available. Every product has a specific interest rate attached to it. 

Can I use if I am inexperienced with investments?

The only experience you need is operating an internet enabled device like a laptop or desktop. You do not need any experience with investments.

Our team of seasoned investment experts have simplified the investment process to make everything easy for you to understand. 

How do I trade on

Trading on is easy. Just go to “Investments” on the side navigation, find the product you want to invest in and click on “Buy” to add it to your cart. You can then go to your cart and checkout. 

To sell a product you already own, go to the “My Portfolio” tab under investments, click on the product to view its detail page. It’s “Sell” or “Liquidate” button will be active if it is a product you can sell. Click on the ‘Sell” button and it will be added to your cart. Then go to your cart and checkout to complete the transaction.

How long does it take for my investments to show on my dashboard?

Once you make payment for a fixed income or agriculture product, your investment will be visible on your dashboard immediately. While shares purchase takes 1 to 3 working days to settle in the stock market.

Are there any Fees attached?

There is no management fee attached to any of our products on the platform. However, there are fees and charges attached to the purchase and sales of just shares. 

Is profit guaranteed? offers you an assortment of professionally curated investment products; this means any product we list on the platform is considered as one that has some potential to improve your portfolio. However, investment products can sometimes be subject to fluctuations due to market forces beyond our control.

How are the investment products selected?

Every investment product that is visible on is handpicked by our team of seasoned portfolio managers and asset managers with over 10 years experience in the investments sector. 

Can I transfer my investments to another user?

No, you cannot transfer your investments on to another user.

Why do I have to provide my BVN?

We need your BVN to verify your identity and bank account details.

What is My Portfolio?

“My Portfolio” shows a grouping of all the financial assets you own on

What does portfolio distribution mean?

Your portfolio distribution shows how your portfolio is split between different investment types.

What does investor profile mean?

An investor profile defines a user’s preferences when it comes to investment decisions. 

What is a White Glove account?

The White Glove account type allows make investment decisions on your behalf. It is optimized for users that do not have prior investment experience and gives them a headstart on 

What is a Self Starter Account?

The Self Starter account type is suitable for users that have a decent level of experience with investments and can make their own buy or sell decisions.

What are the account types on

There are 2 account types on They are Self Starter and White Glove.

Do I have to submit any documents?

You are required to upload a valid means of identification - either your Driver's License, International Passport,  National ID Card or Voter's Card.

How do I monitor my investments?

You can monitor the progress of your investments by clicking on the Investments tab on your left-hand side and then selecting "My Portfolio".

How long does it take for my withdrawal to reflect in my account?

Once you make a withdrawal request, your bank account will be credited within 24 to 48 hours.

What does Net Worth mean?

Your Net Worth on is the total monetary value of your investment assets and cash balance.

What are Trending Products?

These are investment products that are popular among investors on The trending products tab shows the different products other investors are investing in at that point in time. 

What happens when I follow an investment?

When you follow an investment, you will receive periodic updates on the market performance of that investment. 

Why do I need to add a Bank Account Number?

Your bank account number is required for withdrawal requests. This is the bank account where your cash withdrawals will be transferred to from

Will I receive a Contract Note?

In order to get the best prices and achieve best execution, trade instructions are aggregated and executed by your Trustee, Sankore Securities on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. While you will not receive a traditional Contract Note, you will be sent an Investment Receipt that provides details on your portion of the trade.